PPC mistakes that may be hurting your website

PPC mistakes that may be hurting your website

Pay per click is most efficient and fastest way of driving traffic to your blog/website. You can set up PPC advertisement for your business/ profession in less than 1 hour. Moreover your budget can vary from $10 to $1000 per day. Best of all, PPC advertisement can increase your global presence all over the world.
Another benefit of PPC advertisement is that you will get report of every single penny spend, even number of total clicks on your add and on how many internet users your add has made impression.
In order to make sure about your good start I will make you familiar with some common PPC mistakes.

1. Overly Broad Scope

PPC marketing is all about niches, before starting with PPC campaign you should make sure to which niche your website belongs. Keywords are comparatively price based in PPC advertisement programs like google AddWords.
This can increase your broad scope overly because now you know where to place your add to get your target visitors, you can even set your target location to show your add. Since you have to pay for every single click you got on your Add so you should set target visitors location. I prefer to set my country as target location for my Adds when I just want national clients.

2. Incomplete Keyword Research

The general mistake related to overly broad scope is not making through research before choosing keywords. One should make efforts to find and select strong keywords in long run. You should select keywords related to your target market and that are relevant to general terms of many people.
Instead, you should select keywords that explain or give idea about your products or services that you are selling on your website. This will create interest among internet users to click on your add and more clicks means more sales.

3. Not tracking your Metrics

Metrics? Metrics are health indicators of PPC advertisement program; you should keep a regular check on them to keep your PPC cost below than your total gain. While running a PPC advertisement program always remember that PPC is not just advertisement program your target is to drive more sales of your products or services and earning more.

4. Neglecting your Landing Page

Split landing is very good way to test whether your add landing page is well designed or not. This is one of very important part of entire campaign that you design your add in such way that it appeals to audience to get you more sales otherwise you have to suffer unnecessarily failure of your PPC campaign.

5. Failing to Have an Overall Strategy

Before your add gets off to the ground, you need to find better strategy for your PPC that will relevant for long run success. If you don’t make efforts for finding better strategy for your PPC campaign you are otherwise going close to failure and just wasting your time and money.

Author bio: This article has been written by Tracy. She is a freelance web designer and practice internet marketing for her personal e-commerce website. She is a SEO expert and loves to provide valuable tips to her readers about PPC and internet marketing.