How to Painlessly Negotiate Cheaper Broadband Prices

If you’re paying more than you’d like to pay for your broadband service, you may be able to negotiate a cheaper deal if there’s at least one competitor in town. It doesn’t even take great negotiating skills or a long list of justifications, just a few easy steps that will result in almost sure fire lower prices.

Ideally, you have two major ISPs who tend to fight over customers in your area (often sending flyers is an indication), as this means both will be willing to discount the cost of your broadband internet. Here’s a step-by-step process for negotiating cheaper broadband prices.

1. Gather information about your current rates

Find your last three bills and take a close look at them. Know what you’re paying for the plan itself and what your fees are. For instance, you might pay $80/month altogether, of which $65/month is for your broadband internet not including fees and router rental cost. When they tell you they can cut it down to $60/month, you can ask whether this is the broadband cost with or without fees to know if you’ll be paying $75 or $60 per month.

2. Consider bundling services

You might get a discount by simply bundling broadband services with other services like home phone or TV, if you aren’t already, to save money on all of them. It can mean being locked into a particular feature set, however. Look up information on your ISP’s website and the competitor’s website about the available bundles and promotions.

3. Have an idea of how much you want to pay

If you settle for anything they give you, you might not save much. Have an idea of what a great price for your broadband internet service would be and what you’re willing to accept. If you know what you’re aiming for, even a moment of silence and uncertain sound as you consider an offer the representative just made can do wonders. You should also keep in mind what services or add-ons you’re willing to give up in exchange for a lower price.

4. Call the competition and ask for a better price

Now that you know how much you’re paying for your broadband, call your ISP’s main competitor and ask for a better price than you’re paying right now. Be sure to give them the price without fees and taxes included and tell them that this is the base price. Listen to their offer and decide if it sounds reasonable according to what you’re looking for, and ask if it’s a promo rate or permanent.

5. Sign up for the new service or let them know you’ll get back to them

The most effective way to get your current ISP to pay attention is to actually sign up for the competitor’s service. You may even want to go ahead with the switch! If you really don’t want to go with the competitor, let them know you’ll call them back. You can be sure they will keep a note on your file – probably attached to your current phone number – with the price they offered you, so keep a note for yourself, too.

6. Call your current ISP and see if you can get a better price

You may have to call to cancel your service with this internet provider; if so, this is the perfect opportunity. You will likely speak to a representative who asks you why you’re leaving. Tell them the offer you received from another company (you can mention the name or not, it’s up to you). They will probably try to beat it, and it’s up to you whether you want to accept this new price from your current ISP or actually switch to the other provider.

Negotiating by calling a competitor is a very easy way to save money on your broadband internet, and you don’t even have to be pushy or know how to negotiate! By simply considering other options and asking for a better price based on what they offered, you can often get a significant discount on your monthly broadband bill.

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Laura was disappointed with her broadband service so spent time calling over providers in her area.  She soon switched to a cheaper and better provider.

Some Latest Mobile Phone Gadgets

There is always an ever increasing need for new mobile phone gadgets as people just won’t quit asking for them. The manufacturers however are listening and they are always up for the task of making new and even more amazing gadgets for mobile phones for the gadget followers to buy and Use. Here are some new gadgets for mobile phones in the market.

Charge Card:

Wireless Charging Station

Amongst the new mobile phone gadgets, charge card is a very popular one as it eliminates the need of cables and chargers to be kept along all the time for the time when the cell phone user may have to charge the device. The good thing is that it is very portable and has no wires at all. The chard card takes just a few seconds to completely charge a cell phone.

Camera Attachment Device:

Device Mini

A cell phone remains what it is no matter how powerful camera it bears. Even the latest of the smart phones do not have as much mega pixels built in a good camera. The new camera attachment device can be attached in front of the camera of a smart phone to increase the number of mega pixels that it carries. These new camera extension mobile phone gadgets able the users to have a photographer like feel and take of pictures with higher resolutions. And the best part is that they adjust on the slim smart phones easily. Phone Reminders on wrist:

Many times it happens that a cell phone user overlooks the reminder that he or she had set on the cell phone. This can happen either because the user was a bit too busy at work that he couldn’t notice, or the alert of the cell phone was not powerful enough to let the user know of it. As the new mobile phone gadgets keep on coming to the market, there are some pretty amazing ones coming along as well. A similar example of such devices is the wrist worn cell phone reminder that is connected to the phone but notifies the user on his wrist watch. This way, even if the user is away from the cell phone, these new mobile phone gadgets let the users know off all the reminders.

Waterproof and Task One Cases:

Amongst some real funny mobile phone gadgets is the waterproof, tough and task one case for smart phones. This case is of great utility for several reasons. The first one is that it makes the cell phone a lot safer around water and even saves it when it falls. Who would not want to have a case that gives a small knife, a tiny scissor and stuff for utility as task one case?

Shock Pad

Mirror Case:

Then there are some things to simple to be counted in the mobile phone gadgets like the mirror bearing case for smart phones. It gives utility, it looks nice, and its cheap, this makes it a very popular yet commonly used simple gadget for cell phone. The case is made hard enough to protect the mirror from breaking.

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This article is written by Intkhab Ahsan. He belongs to He is regular guest blogger whose articles appear on Technology and Fashion blogs.




Some Latest Mobile Phone Gadgets

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