Link building tactics – What lessons can we learn from Interflora?

As you may already be aware the large UK Florist Interflora have been hit by a Google penalty, wiping out the search positions. Interflora have done a great job to cover the gaps left from the drop in organic search traffic, although it may never become clear how much impact the drop had. So what lessons can we learn from Interflora, how have they maintained their success despite the drop and why did they get the penalty in the first place?

Why Did Interflora Get The Penalty In The First Place?

Although it has not 100% been confirmed yet, it is believed that the penalty has been as a result of paying for links. Interflora have tried to get around the penalty by awarding people gifts offline when they blog about their products. Google do state that this is against their advertising policy and are fairly hot on things like this. Google pride themselves on delivering quality search results and although some results are questionable at times, they do have a web spam team dedicated to fighting low quality sites that rank high due to using unnatural techniques.

The reason that the alarm bells started ringing after Interflora had been hit was when bloggers started to tweet that they had been told to remove any links they have pointing to the Interflora site.

Dont Try to Cheat the System

Unfortunately, no matter how much you try you will not out smart Google. The Google Algorithm is constantly changing but the fundamental rules are there to be seen in black and white, you cannot pay for links. The act of giving gifts off line is just the same as paying someone in cash to link to your site.
The only way you can get quality links is by offering a good service and by creating quality content.

What Other Areas Of Marketing Should You Consider?

You may want to consider looking at other areas of marketing. One of the reasons why Interflora did not worry too much about the drop in organic positions is because they had already established their brand using offline material such as print material. Businesses like Interflora that offer gifts that are bought annually rely a lot of repeat customers. Having already got a postal address from the customer and with the person already being the customer you will expect a repeat purchase. This works well in industries such as travel insurance which is a very competitive market.

One area that Interflora do well is social media, this is another area that works well especially as people trust companies their friends have bought from before. Google are trying to get into the social media market with Google+ although at the moment their is not enough users to be essential. Promotional Products and Bags

A great way to market your business is for other people to do it for you. By producing promotional products such as promotional bags customers will put your brand in-front of people that are outside your business.

Article By Daisy Burgess – Professional blogger for offline marketing companies including Bag Store

PPC mistakes that may be hurting your website

PPC mistakes that may be hurting your website

Pay per click is most efficient and fastest way of driving traffic to your blog/website. You can set up PPC advertisement for your business/ profession in less than 1 hour. Moreover your budget can vary from $10 to $1000 per day. Best of all, PPC advertisement can increase your global presence all over the world.
Another benefit of PPC advertisement is that you will get report of every single penny spend, even number of total clicks on your add and on how many internet users your add has made impression.
In order to make sure about your good start I will make you familiar with some common PPC mistakes.

1. Overly Broad Scope

PPC marketing is all about niches, before starting with PPC campaign you should make sure to which niche your website belongs. Keywords are comparatively price based in PPC advertisement programs like google AddWords.
This can increase your broad scope overly because now you know where to place your add to get your target visitors, you can even set your target location to show your add. Since you have to pay for every single click you got on your Add so you should set target visitors location. I prefer to set my country as target location for my Adds when I just want national clients.

2. Incomplete Keyword Research

The general mistake related to overly broad scope is not making through research before choosing keywords. One should make efforts to find and select strong keywords in long run. You should select keywords related to your target market and that are relevant to general terms of many people.
Instead, you should select keywords that explain or give idea about your products or services that you are selling on your website. This will create interest among internet users to click on your add and more clicks means more sales.

3. Not tracking your Metrics

Metrics? Metrics are health indicators of PPC advertisement program; you should keep a regular check on them to keep your PPC cost below than your total gain. While running a PPC advertisement program always remember that PPC is not just advertisement program your target is to drive more sales of your products or services and earning more.

4. Neglecting your Landing Page

Split landing is very good way to test whether your add landing page is well designed or not. This is one of very important part of entire campaign that you design your add in such way that it appeals to audience to get you more sales otherwise you have to suffer unnecessarily failure of your PPC campaign.

5. Failing to Have an Overall Strategy

Before your add gets off to the ground, you need to find better strategy for your PPC that will relevant for long run success. If you don’t make efforts for finding better strategy for your PPC campaign you are otherwise going close to failure and just wasting your time and money.

Author bio: This article has been written by Tracy. She is a freelance web designer and practice internet marketing for her personal e-commerce website. She is a SEO expert and loves to provide valuable tips to her readers about PPC and internet marketing.

How To Impress At Industry Trade Shows

Most industries have some form or another of trade industry show and for many this may be their main outing into the wider customer sphere annually. Obviously, this means that impressing and informing is the order of the day – it’s the perfect way to get leads after all.

It may sound simpler than it seems, but it is in fact very easy and there are a number of ways to ensure that you can get that attention, inform those customers and nail those leads.


The centre of all winning formulas is planning. One of the problems with trade shows is that people tend to see them as a yearly chore. You show up, you stand there for a few days and then go home. However, they provide so much opportunity if you can really impress. Everyone is vying for attention and to get your fair share or more you will need to stand out. Planning is the perfect way to do so. Get your staff together a few months before and brainstorm on the ways you can impress and stand out at the show. You can then delegate and get ready for the event.


A little bit of marketing do no harm and informing your current customers and leads that you will be at the show via online newsletters, your website and emails is a good idea. You can also use offline media such as banners to announce your appearance. One of the best ideas is to send out cards or tokens to potential customers offering a free gift if they come to your stall – a great way to engage them.

The Booth

Of course, when they arrive you want to be cock of the walk and this means your booth should flex your marketing muscles. This is where great marketing and advertising comes into play and you require a quality print company to create those roller banners, pavement signs and wide format posters. These are the things that will help you to stand out and you should ask the company for tips on what works and doesn’t.

Your booth should be easily accessible and there should be nothing to obstruct users coming in and around for a look. Essentially, you want to create a rich user experience that gives the people the best impression.  This should also mean staff is looking their best. Smart casual is best as it is most approachable. Also, be sure they are rearing to go and full of energy; this is the sort of atmosphere that makes conversions.

Samples and Promotional Items

Make sure that you have both samples of your product and catalogues for your potential leads, as well as promo items – people love free stuff. These can be anything from pens to note pads and are the little things that encourage people to recollect you.

Gather Information

Try and gather and take in as much information as possible, this can be anything, from writing down the topic of light conversation on the back of their business card when you go, to foot counts and conversions. You can then follow this up with a thank you email for those that came to your booth during the show and if they seemed keen make sure to provide a follow up call in the next day or two.

Follow these tips and your show should be all the more successful and your business will benefit from it too.

Cormac Reynolds writes for and has written on numerous marketing topics across the web