Web Application Development

Solve the Web are specialists in web applications from modifying content management systems writing fully custom applications we have the skills and knowledge required to provide the correct solution for your business.

We have developed custom applications for companies in several countries including; custom shopping carts, online booking systems, data analysis applications, world map locators, 3d imaging systems.

.Net Charting
Flash Action Script

Dot Net ChartingDot net Charting Certified

We have used DotnetCharting on several of our previous projects which have required real time data analysis to be provided in a dynamic graphical format. Dot Net Charting is built from 100% managed code stable and very fast  at building and displaying dynamic charts instantly.  Wherever your data is stored  MSSQL, MYSQL, access, excel, xml  dotNetcharting provides the ideal solution for data visualisation.   Solve the web have been using .netCharting since version 2 and have over 8 years experience developing custom charting solutions. The latest version of DotNetCharting  adds even more tools to its collection;  full support over mobile devices, touch screen support, client side charting javascript support and cross browser compatibility.

Dynamic Data Charts

The huge number of different type charts possible with .netCharting is astounding. As you would expect, you can use .netCharting to display excel type standard charts such as bar charts, pie charts,  and scatter charts. However, it also supports several advanced types of charts such as bubble, radar, donut, and financial charts. If you can visualise it, you most likely can generate it.

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